Adventure of my life

It was the twenty-second day of our wandering. We were completely emaciated after such a long voyage. We lost hope because our water provisions were running out. It was a very hot day, the temperature went up to 35 degrees and it was really boiling.
I was falling asleep when I saw a piece of land from a crow’s nest. The island seemed uninhabited, so we sailed to the north of it. The ship moved quietly through the waters. I was very excited. I ordered to stop the ship. “I remember a map and I know there is a treasure on the island,” I thought. “Men,” I said, “it is a hot day and we are all tired, but we have found the island we were looking for” and I gave them some guns. Then the boatswain named Tom, his thirteen men and I took boats and left the ship. Three small boats were moving slowly to the beach. In each boat there were five people. We arrived on the beach and we went towards the trees. We were moving farther and farther when suddenly we heard a gunshot; we turned back immediately and started running. When we reached the beach we saw a pirate’s ship shooting at our crew on the deck of The Miriam. It was a disaster. Most of our crew went down into the sea with our dear Miriam. We hid in the trees. The pirates quickly got into the boats and they started leaving the ship. In a short period of time they all arrived at the beach. I saw their captain, he was holding the map. Then we wanted to escape alive. We did not know that, in fact, the island was inhabited by bloodthirsty cannibals. Suddenly dozens of them appeared. They must have heard the bang of the cannon. What happened later was horrible. The battle was soon over and the cannibals went away. Ten minutes later we captured the abandoned ship and in haste we sailed away. We did not come back for the hidden treasure.

Maciej Michowski

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