The advertising business is very old indeed. It’s believed, for instance, that advertisements were already known in the Far East thousand years ago. One of the oldest ways of advertising one’s trade and goods was to use men with strong legs and strong voices. They were paid to walk along the streets and shout at the top of their voices that such & such goods could be bought in such & such shops. Sometimes they carried bells & rang them in the streets & squares to make people stop & listen to their news.

Now people living in one part of the country could read papers printed in another, and if they found some advertisements convincing, they could get the advertised articles that interested them even if they were made a long way off. It’s very expensive to place an advertisement in a national newspaper, but as it can be seen by millions of eyes the money is worth spending.

Today the best advertising has became almost an art. There is so much competition in the national & international trade world that only the advertisements of the highest standard have the chance to catch the eye of the customer & convince him .There are especially trained people, man & woman, whose job is to advertise. The advertiser have to study the markets & a lot of advertising problems all the time. The problems of modern advertiser are many & difficult. First of all he ought to e sure in what kind of paper or magazine the given advertisement is to be put.

Advertisements are not only printed in all sorts of newspaper & magazines, but also placed on buildings, on the sides of buses, in trains, in stations, on boards, beside roads & highways as well as shown on the screen in the cinema. Quite a lot of advertisements are sent to the people houses by post.

These days the television is very popular & the advertising business makes great use of it. Some people say that there are to many advertisements to be seen and heard on television. As for Polish advertisements, they are getting better & better all the time & we have right to be proud of them.

Mateusz Michalski

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