My story

It was a very cloudy evening in winter. The cats were yelling, the trees were whistling. I was alone in my home. My house was very big and cold...
This morning my parents told me that they are going today to their friends for a birthday party and they’ll come back very late.
When I came back home from my friend, it was 11 pm. and I was really tired. When I started to open the door I saw that they were not closed...
Suddenly I heard some strange noise from the kitchen. First of all I thought it was a mice and my parents had forgotten to close the door (I wish it was truth...), but I was wrong .
When I have entered the living room I saw somebody’s foot prints on the carpet...I really didn’t know what to do. Because on one hand there could be some one up stairs or even in this room! I started to scream “Someone please help!!!!” but no one was around and no one could help me.
Suddenly something moved near the washing machine in the kitchen and it was only 5 meters away from me and I was really scared! Suddenly something jumped on me - it was my stupid older brother and he yelled to me “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS!”
At that moment my parents showed up with all my friends and they all were singing this special song. I was really confused, my first thought was to kill my brother but then I realised that it was really a great surprise!

Witek Bauer

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